About me

Enthusiastic, fun and sassy. Consider yourself warned and read bellow to learn more. Or better yet - book a tour with me and meet me in person. 

About my favourite...

...places in Prague:

  1. Kampa Island - the center of the Universe, park, funky statues made by David Cerny and lovely local sweetshops and bars. Need I say more?

  2. New World - tiny little streets with tiny little houses, absolutely gorgeous off the beaten path part of the town. Explore New World on the Prague Castle Tour with me.

  3. Strahov Monastery - my favorite view of the city and best beer in Prague in monastery breewery. Taste one on the Prague in 2 Days Tour. 

...things to do:

  1. Sharing my favorite places with others. Becoming a guide was a no brainer. 

  2. Relaxing and soaking up the genius loci. 

  3. Acting in theater. 

...meals to cook:

  1. Kulajda soup - the Czech Republic is the only country in a world which has creamy dill soup and it tastes delicious!

  2. Šunkofleky - no idea what it is or how to pronounce it?  

  3. Stuffed paprika with sweet and sour tomato sauce. That's how my childhood tasted like. 

Getting hungry? Book a private cooking class with me and learn how to cook these traditional dishes from scratch.

...moments of the Czech history:

  1. Medieval times. Rough and glorious. 

  2. Braveness of the Czech soldiers during the World War II, especailly being the part of RAF and Heydrich assasination.

  3. Right now - that's when we are creating history. And I love to put it into context.  

Why explore Prague with me:

Local experience with a local guide

  • I've already made over 7000 visitors fall in love with Prague.
  • I'm a licenced guide who tutors others in an official training program for tour guides.

Customized private tours

  • I adjust the tour to your individual needs, wishes and interests.
  • Feel like seeing or doing something you don't see here? Just let me know.

No tourist traps, no bullshit

Highlights and secret spots

  • I know every inch of Prague and I show you exactly those worth your attention
  • I care and I share. Not just facts about Prague, but also my opinions, my personal experience living in Prague, my tips and recommendations.
  • I will show you Prague all time favourites you dreamed about seeing with your own eyes.
  • I'll share my beloved spots with you some of the off-the-beaten track places.

Sounds awesome! How do I book?

Just send me a message and I will get back to you shortly:

Personal data policy, Tereza Molková, K Červenému Vrchu 845, 160 00, Prague, IČO 76347729