Terezín Concentration Camp Tour

Today a sleepy countryside town, during World War II a Gestapo prison, concentration camp and ghetto, where over 33 000 people died. Let me walk you through the darkest times of European history, so the memory of those who suffered back then lives on and mankind never let this happen again. 

Tour Highlights:

the Fortress | the Ghetto Museum | the Magdeburg Barracks

What you will see and learn:

Expact to be shaken. Visiting Terezín concentration camp itself is a very emotional experience, let alone when I tell you all the moving, tragic stories I had heard from the survivors and eye witnesses.

We will start the Terezín fortress tour at the cemetery with over 10 000 people buried in mass graves, walk through the main gate with the infamous "Arbeit macht frei" sign, see the reception room where prisoners handed in their documents and personal belongings, visit large rooms with bunk beds, disinfection chambers, bathrooms, hospital, morgue and the execution yard, where you can still see bullet marks on the wall. I will also take you to places, that usually stay hidden to the public. 

In nearby Ghetto Museum and Magdeburg Barracks you will see photos, drawings and other artifacts showing a day-to-day life of the prisoners, who despite the direst conditions maintained a rich cultural and religious life, held celebrations, art exhibitons, even composed and staged operas. Sounds like a bearable life? Don't be mistaken, evil things that should never be forgottten happened within these walls

This tour is perfect for:

those interested in jewish heritage | World War II history enthusiasts | those who seek a perfect private tour tailored to their needs and wishes

A few practical information:


6 hours in total,  incl. 1 hour drive from Prague

Meeting point:

Your hotel in Prague

Price: from 229 EUR/group

1 - 2 pax: 229 EUR, 3 - 6 pax: 259 EUR You pay cash after the tour. I accept EUR and CZK.

Walking involved

Hardly any. This tour is far more emotionally than physically challenging.


We usually do not eat on this tour, out of respect for the holocaust victims. If you need to eat, I recommend bringing your own food. 

Start time

Depends whether you're a morning person or you prefer to sleep in. I'll adjust.

Price includes:

  • private tour with a certified and experienced local guide who knows Terezín inside out and knows all about its tragic past

  • an unforgettable day exploring a place you won't ever forget 

  • pick-up and drop off at your hotel

Extras: Small Fortress + Ghetto Museum + Magdeburg Barracks Entrance – 220 CZK (170 CZK student/senior)

Why explore Terezín with me:

Local experience with a local guide

  • I've already shared the gloomy stories of Terezín with over 1000 visitors.
  • I'm a licenced guide who tutors others in an official training program for tour guides.

Customized private tours

  • I adjust the tour to your individual needs, wishes and interests.
  • Feel like seeing or doing something you don't see here? Just let me know.

No tourist traps, no bullshit

Unknown stories

  • I know every inch of Terezín and I show you places where tourist don't usually go.
  • I care and I share. Not just facts about Terezín but also stories of survivors and eye witnesses, you won't find in books.

Sounds awesome! How do I book?

Just send me a message and I will get back to you shortly:

Personal data policy, Tereza Molková, K Červenému Vrchu 845, 160 00, Prague, IČO 76347729