Everything you wanted to know about my tours but were and weren't afraid to ask

How much walking is involved?

Well, we can't really avoid walking altogether as most of the Prague's centre is a pedestrian zone. Good news is, all the highlights are pretty close to each other. You can find the estimated walking distance at every tour page. And I can always make any adjustments to your physicall condition or current mood.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. There's one thing you leave at home for sure - highheels. Prague's historical centre is paved with cobblestones. Yes, they are beautiful and romantic, but not so comfortable to walk on, when wearing heels.

How long do the tours take?

Depends which one you pick. See the duration at the tour description. But if you feel like exploring from dawn till dusk, or just quickly fly by the main highlights, I'll adjust the itinerary to your liking.

I'd like to see or do something specific and I don't see it here, can you prepare a special tour for me?

Sure, you name it, I'll make it happen.

How do I recognize you?

Easily, I promise. I'll be waiting for you at your hotel lobby, looking like this.

Are there any breaks during the tour?

Yes, as many as you like. We can spend the whole tour just talking over a coffee, if that's your idea of a perfect day in Prague.

How can I pay?

You can pay cash after the tour, I accept CZK, EUR and USD. If you prefer paying via bank transfer, it's also possible.

Can we join another couple or group?

No, sorry, all my tours are private, so I can always, and I mean always, make them as YOU like it.

What if the weather is bad?

I design the tours with the possiblity of bad weather in mind, so I can easily adjust the itinerary to weather conditions. If it rains, we take umbrella, and spend more time indoors. The interiors of the historical buildings are just as impresive as their exteriors.

Sounds awesome! How do I book?

Just send me a message and I will get back to you shortly:

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