Prague Castle Tour

as Tereza YOU like it

Enjoy a private tour of the world oldest castle complex and let me take you through 11 centuries as we explore Prague Castle courtyard, famous St Vitus Cathedral,  St George’s Basilica or a picturesque Golden Lane.

Tour Highlights:

Prague Castle | St. Vitus Cathedral | Strahov Monastic Brewery

What you will see and learn:

The Prague Castle, listed as a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site,  is undoubtedly a must-see attraction. Nowhere else in the world you will see so many different architectural styles in one district.

We will admire the exteriors and interiors of St. Vitus Cathedral - a medieval gothic church from the 14th century, the Old Royal Palace, St George’s Basilica, walk the famous Golden Lane and enjoy spectacular view over the city - have your camera ready!

Once you've had enough pictures I will take you to the New World - a charming and picturesque area which hasn’t been discovered by tourists yet and which, therefore, still has an air of authenticity and quietness about it.

Finally, we can have a beer or two in the Strahov Monastic Brewery which produces my favourite beer in Prague - a thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Prague.  Or we can stop by at the famous Strahov Library with a stunning interior.

You will learn quite a bit about the history of the Castle throughout the centuries and its architecture, both hard facts and interesting bits of information like why throwing politicians out of the window seemed like a good idea several times in the Czech history.  I will also talk to you about whatever you want to know about the present - how we live, what are habbits are, where are the differences and what we have in common.

This tour is perfect for:

those fascinated by this majestic ancient icon of Prague | history and architecture enthusiasts | those who seek a perfect private tour tailored to their needs and wishes

A few practical information:


4 hours

Meeting point:

Your hotel in Prague

Price: 159 EUR

You pay cash after the tour. I accept EUR and CZK.

Walking involved

No more than 3 miles, which you won't even notice, I promise.


We usually stop for a coffee and perhaps a beer or dinner afterwards to talk some more about whatever you might be interested in.

Start time

Depends whether you're a morning person or you prefer to sleep in. I'll adjust.

Price includes:

  • a private tour with a certified and experienced local guide who knows Prague inside out and will show you the best places, tell you the most intriguing stories and make sure you enjoy Prague. Just the way you like it.
  • an unforgettable 4 hours exploring the most significant Czech monument
  • my personal tips on what to do in Prague, where to eat, have fun or soak up the unique atmosphere.
  • pick-up and drop off at your hotel

Optional extras: Prague Castle – 250 CZK (125 CZK student/senior), Loreta 130 CZK (100 CZK student), Strahov Library 80 CZK

Why explore Prague with me:

Local experience with a local guide

  • I've already made over 7000 visitors fall in love with Prague.
  • I'm a licenced guide who tutors others in an official training program for tour guides.

Customized private tours

  • I adjust the tour to your individual needs, wishes and interests.
  • Feel like seeing or doing something you don't see here? Just let me know.

No tourist traps, no bullshit

Highlights and secret spots

  • I know every inch of Prague and I show you exactly those worth your attention
  • I care and I share. Not just facts about Prague, but also my opinions, my personal experience living in Prague, my tips and recommendations.
  • I will show you Prague all time favourites you dreamed about seeing with your own eyes.
  • I'll share my beloved spots with you some of the off-the-beaten track places.

Sounds awesome! How do I book?

Just send me a message and I will get back to you shortly:

Personal data policy, Tereza Molková, K Červenému Vrchu 845, 160 00, Prague, IČO 76347729